Buccheri X Adrie Basuki

It all started with one goal

Indonesia has many heritage and we have diverse culture, but united we stand as one, Buccheri and Adrie Basuki are bringing Indonesia's craft to the international stage. 

In order to achieve the goal

Buccheri and Adrie Basuki began to collaborate to enhance Indonesia’s product and bring our legacy to the world, one of  our major event was in Rusia. 

But, who is Adrie Basuki?

A well-known Fashion Designer who crafts zero waste process design, supports women communities and uses 'kain' Indonesia.

So do we

Buccheri focuses on zero waste processes and empowering women communities. Together we will make a good impact towards the society.

at this moment

We as Indonesians, have curated a collection that brings Indonesia’s legacy into life. 


Buccheri X Adrie Basuki Present to You

Senandung Mules. Made of Tenun Jepara upper and smooth leather lining to add a touch of luxury and complemented by a traditional style yet modern. Enhance Indonesia’s legacy and your impeccable taste. 

What's next?

We have curated exclusive event such as Jakarta Fashion Week and exclusive product launching: https://buccheri.com/blogs/news/buccheri-x-adrie-basuki