Wedding Shoes for Men

Whether you're the bold type who appreciate the moments when you can finally wear the more classy elagant type‑of‑guy to pick the right style for a wedding. In this post we guide you on our recommended go‑to rules for wedding style with Buccheri. Discover more 

  • Garibald Loafers -  Classic Style with Light Grey Suit : When the dress code suit/formal the wedding couple wants you to dress up in a suit. The particular name for the dress code can vary, but when you are expected to wear a suit we recommend to wear one in light grey. Shirts? White shirt, gray blazer. Tie? 100%. if your wear in light grey suit, thit is making looks good on your wedding.


  • Vishnu Laceups -  An idea of wedding elegance : See images for reference and inspiration. Shoes: Albin Laceups in black. Some people find these hard to wear but it’s time you take a stand and show the strong character you are. Wear them with charisma and confidence and you will be the most elegant and stylish man at the party. 

Garibald Loafers

  • Geffri Black - A Simple Style : Does the dress code say Black Tie? Probably this is the most straightforward dress code. Shoes: Geffri loafers in black, If you are attending a party which is not a wedding, e.g. new year’s eve or a birthday party you can wear the Geffri loafers in black. This is more recommended for a wedding. Geffri loafers full grain smooth leather with a simple design, comfortable chusioned insole, and a light ousole is suitable to wear during different occasions.

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