Buccheri is a retail company that provides quality footwear for men and women since 1980. We begin our history with our first flagship store in a historical business district "Pasar Baroe". Now Buccheri has been through various challenges and experienced many developments. This of the most prestigious and footwear brand in Indonesia.

As the leading formal shoes in Indonesia, Buccheri tends to put their segmentation in the middle-upper class. Established in 1980, the name of this brand is well known among the Indonesian consumers. With specialized in formal to daily basis leather-based footwear, and claimed as a handcrafted, stylish yet comfortable footwear brand.

Buccheri is not only committed to providing a high-quality product and post-buying service but also maintain the best craftsmanship in every item that we produce. Innovation is also one of the keys to our future development.